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Is there anything else you would like me as your potential coach to know about you?


Are you the financial decision maker, or do you need to discuss this investment with someone else?

1:1 Coaching is an investment of time, money, and energy, as well as commitment to your process. 1:1 packages start at $3,500 USD for 4 months of 1:1 personal coaching. Payment plans are available. Are you ready to make this investment of time, energy, and resources to receive 1:1 coaching at this time? 

Coaching will involve examining our lives holistically. This includes working with thoughts, beliefs, values, emotions, how we are in relationship with ourselves and others. It might be challenging, uncomfortable, or cathartic at times. Please confirm that you are ready and willing to put this type of work in to meet your ideal outcome. If unsure, we can chat about this on the call.

Have you worked with a coach, therapist, or counselor before? If so, tell me a bit about that experience.

What dream outcome do you have for coaching with Michelle? What would you like to achieve for yourself?

What inner qualities would you like to have less of? (i.e. guilt, fear, pain, self-doubt, anger, etc.):

What inner qualities would you like to have more of? (i.e. joy, integrity, self-trust, self-love, etc.):

In what area(s) of your life would you like to see the greatest change?



Let's get to know you

Thanks for your interest in applying for 1:1 coaching with me - I’m so grateful you’re here!

In order to serve you best and give you my full attention, the coaching packages for the 1:1 premium program are quite limited. These programs offer high-touch support, therefore I only take a few clients each month.

This application is designed to give me an idea of where you’re currently at, your goals for coaching together, and to ensure that we’re a good fit moving forward.

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