Frequently Asked Questions

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I've done other programs before. How is RESTORE different?

I already have so much on my plate.  How much time can I expect to put into this program?

How long do I have access to the lessons?

Is this an alternative to therapy or medical interventions?

When are the 6 live calls?

Prior to your cohort starting you will get a calendar of all of our group calls (that you can add to yours as well) and access to our group Slack channel.

Group calls will be 60 minutes. Each person will have a chance to answer the targeted homework questions and then ask additional questions for live coaching. Recordings will be available.

Slack is open 24/7 to ask questions anytime. You can ask questions, leave voice messages, etc. It is limited to the 15 people in your cohort. I will answer your messages in Slack within 48 hours M-F (although usually faster! 😉)

The lessons for each week will drop on Sundays and the calls will be on Thursdays (time TBD). (schedule is subject to change).

Halfway through the 6-week period, we will have an "integration week" without a call so you have time to catch up and put what you've been learning into practice.

The goal of this 6-week framework is to learn how to regulate your nervous system so you can recover from burnout. Your healing will require that you put what you're learning into action.  The homework and nervous system balancing exercises are extremely important. I will be asking targeted questions during our call each week to hold you accountable for this work (and so you can experience the results). 

Most other programs out there are surface level and completely miss the nervous system altogether. They focus solely on mindset or routines, but never get to the source of the problem. Nervous system regulation is the foundation upon which all these other things are built.

If your other programs have never talked to you about the Fight, Flight or Freeze Response -- or most importantly, they've never taught you how to WORK with those survival mechanisms (to change them or disarm them) -- then that's probably why you're still feeling burned out. RESTORE is your course to start uncovering all of this.

This course is designed for busy moms who are experiencing burnout.  It is not designed to give you more to do - no added overwhelm here!  However, what you put in is directly related to what you will get out of the course. Taking your time and being intentional and thoughtful about the work is key.

The weekly mini-classes are about 10 minutes (or less) so you have time to take action! You’ll get 20+ mini-classes over the course of 6 modules in video + audio versions so you can listen to the week's lessons like you were listening to a podcast.

You'll have lifetime access to the program content and live call recordings.  The group Slack channel will close at the completion of the program.

No, this course is not a replacement for psychotherapy or medical interventions of any kind. 

How do I know this program will work for me?

I know that everything I teach in my 6-Step Framework heals burnout because it's worked for me and hundreds of other women. These are the EXACT steps I’ve used and taught other women for the past few years...the results have been fantastic! You'll have all the resources and support you need to see massive growth and change, you've just gotta put it into action!