These 5 Habits Are Causing Your Burnout

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Summer’s here, and I bet you’re spending at least 30 minutes a week scrolling through your phone. What if I told you that you could use that time to learn how to regulate your nervous system instead? Imagine feeling calmer, more in control, and supported by a community of incredible women on the same journey—all with me as your guide.

I know you’re tired of feeling anxious, overwhelmed, burned out, and irritable. You might have been following this podcast for a while, knowing what you need to do but struggling to take action. Knowing and doing are two different things. If this resonates with you, consider joining our summer cohort. Picture going into the fall, the next school year, and the holidays feeling refreshed and better than ever. You deserve it, my friend. We start next week, so click the link in the show notes and register for your spot today. I can’t wait to meet and coach you—see you there!

Today, I want to talk about five habits that are contributing to your burnout. Burnout doesn’t happen overnight; it’s the result of habits and patterns we’ve developed over years, even decades. These habits often operate below our conscious awareness, and society tends to reward them, even though they drive us to burnout. Let’s dive into five sneaky habits that might be burning you out. See if any of these sound familiar:

1. Being Strong

Always trying to be strong can mean suppressing your emotions. Bottling up emotions increases stress and anxiety, leading to burnout. This reduces emotional resilience, making it harder to cope with challenges. If you find yourself on an emotional roller coaster or suppressing your feelings to “be strong,” you need practical tools for emotional regulation. We cover this in depth in our Restore program, helping you move from emotional volatility or suppression to a balanced, healthier state.

2. People Pleasing

Do you find yourself worrying more about what others think than what you actually think? People-pleasing can lead to overcommitting, difficulty saying no, and constant vigilance to meet others’ expectations. This can stretch your time and energy too thin, resulting in chronic stress and anxiety. Let’s work on setting boundaries and reclaiming your time and energy.

3. Operating in Your Masculine Energy

High-achieving women often lean heavily into masculine energy—action, logic, assertiveness—while neglecting feminine energy, which is more about intuition, nurturing, and creativity. We need a balance of both to live a full, meaningful life. Overcompensating with masculine energy leads to constant pushing and striving, feeling like everything is hard. Learning to balance these energies can bring a new sense of ease and healing to your burnout.

4. Denying Your Calling and Living Out of Alignment

Do you dread the start of each day? Are you stuck in a job or routine that drains you? Living out of alignment with your true calling and passion leads to burnout. I spent years in a high-stress job as a lawyer, feeling miserable and unfulfilled, until I realized I was denying my true calling. If you’re feeling stuck, it’s time to reassess and make changes that align with your passions and purpose.

5. Judgment Around Rest

Do you feel guilty for resting, thinking you need to earn it? Many of us equate our worth with productivity, believing we need to complete a long list of tasks before we can rest. This mindset is not sustainable. We need to rest first, so we can work from a place of creativity and clarity. Shifting this mindset is crucial for overcoming burnout.

These five habits—being strong, people-pleasing, energetic imbalance, living out of alignment, and judgment around rest—are common contributors to burnout. Recognizing and addressing them can lead to a healthier, more balanced life.

Remember, you’re worth it. Let’s make this summer the season you reclaim your energy and joy. Join our summer cohort, and let’s start this journey together. 🌟

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You my friend, are called to a life of fullness and abundance - no matter how wild this motherhood journey is. It's time to trade the exhaustion and overwhelm for peace and joy.  No more hot-mess express.  I've got you. 

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Let's redefine what's possible in motherhood.

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I'm Michelle.
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You my friend, are called to a life of fullness and abundance - no matter how wild this motherhood journey is. It's time to trade the exhaustion and overwhelm for peace and joy.  No more hot-mess express.  I've got you. 

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Let's redefine what's possible in motherhood.


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